Valufacture Solutions are Business Architects;
professionals dedicated to the Art and Science
of execution excellence that achieves results.

Valufacture Solutions Pty Ltd are business consultants that specialize in the areas of Strategic performance, sales and marketing effectiveness, Key Account Management and talent. As business architects, VFS creates outstanding value for its clients by providing them with the means to differentiate themselves from their competition and thereby accelerate and sustain both top and bottom-line growth.

Through its strategic perspective, VFS helps clients create ‘Blue Ocean’ strategies that enable clients to reposition themselves in uncontested market spaces and thereby create value for all stakeholders. As strategic business architects, VFS is able to review an organization’s processes and create immediate value by eliminating duplication and non-strategic process flows thereby accelerating the execution of strategic initiatives within the organization.

Through its unique analytic sales tools, VFS enables its clients to measure the effectiveness of their promotional spend in outlet, the impact of various brand strategies in the market and the effectiveness of those strategies on sales. Its analytic sales tools provide an organization’s sales force and its senior executives with a quick overview of the business in market thereby assisting clients to make key decisions based on fact and thereby generate the results required.

Through the process of Topgrading, VFS enables its clients to assess the talent within their organization or in the companies that are being purchased. Through Topgrading, VFS ensures that its clients obtain a jump-start in the war of talent and that its clients fill all key strategic roles with ‘A’ players so that the execution of strategy is maintained. In addition, VFS works with its clients in developing workforce scorecards that are aligned to the strategic initiatives of the business.

VFS Careers is focused on the individual managers within our clients, as well as those individuals looking to change jobs, and / or manage their careers or are currently searching for jobs. VFS principals are available to coach and mentor individuals as they constantly adapt to a changing competitive canvass.

VFS principals have had experience managing both SME and Global 500 corporations within the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries. However, our clients have come from a cross-section of industries including finance, and services. We pride ourselves on creating outstanding value for all our clients; for obtaining positive results with minimal disruption to the organization and for ensuring that all our clients maintain a competitive advantage in their industries.